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Route 66 Photographs

Quinta Scott, Photographer



The first, the most compelling, and the most definitive photographs of Route 66.

In 1979 I began documenting the architecture along U.S. Highway 66. Over twenty years I created thousands of images of the motels, gas stations, cafes, and trading posts that served travelers along Route 66. In 1988 I published selected images in Route 66: The Highway and its People. It is the first book published on the old road and still the best.

In 2000 I published 200 more in Along Route 66, a great read-aloud guide book. Carry it with you on Route 66.

Go to quintascott.com/Route66.html for color images of architectural landmarks Along Route 66.


Black and White Photographs from Route 66

"Wonderful images!  I had forgotten how beautiful black and white photography can be. It is such a treat to have the opportunity to acquire photos of places that no longer exist or places that still do and see how they've changed with the passing years. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos and the excellent service."--Ken Martin, Coppell, Texas


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Landscapes along Route 66

"There is more to Scott's imagery than meets the eye at a casual glance. She has composed routine views of red Oklahoma dirt into delicate interplays of color and form. Her photographs are subtle, yet skillful, and of lasting impression."--Kinney Littlefield, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Have you made your pilgrimage down America's Highway from Chicago to LA?

Then cruise this site.

Are you an armchair traveler interested in Route 66?

Then cruise this site.

Do you enjoy classic black and white photography?

Then cruise this site.

If you want to own elegant black and white images of Route 66 at a

ridiculous price,

Then cruise this site.

Here you will find Classic Black and White Images of America's Highway:

Images of places you may have visited;

Images of places that may have disappeared.

Why Black and White Photography of such a colorful subject?

Route 66 thrived in the black and white era of Life magazine.

I started making photographs of the architecture along U.S. Highway 66

two decades after the heyday of Route 66.

Black and white is a kinder, gentler medium for old people and old buildings.

Many of the buildings are now gone.

Others have found new life on the old road.

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